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Submitted by Apryl Cohen
This picture was taken by Ed Darling Hand-cranking in the simlab. 
SUNY Upstate Class of 2015
Submitted by Ed DeLaney
Charting -Gerard Turi
Lenox HIll Hospital
Submitted by Linda Mongero
NYP Columbia
​Submitted by Anatole Kanevsky
"Just like an airplane cockpit"  Sometimes sitting behind the pump is not an option! It is a fast paced  job!
Westchester Medical Center
Submitted by Anatole Kanevsky
Not only do perfusionists pump, we also do point of care testing, while keeping one eye on the pump.
Westchester Medical Center

We as perfusionists are involved in many aspects in the operating room. Working with surgeons, anesthesia residents, making sure we keep the patient "alive". At the same time have to make sure we keep our "tubing spaghetti" neat as possible so that we will clamp the correct line!
Submitted by Anatole Kanevsky
Westchester Medical Center

NYS Perfusionists in Action Photo Contest Winners